Sir David Nicholas Memorial Event

Former ITN colleagues gathered at One Birdcage Walk in London on Friday September 29th for an event to remember the former Editor, CEO and chairman of ITN, Sir David Nicholas CBE.

The event was based on a news programme format, with David’s son and daughter, James and Helen, introducing archive videos and former ITN staff giving their memories of David.

The ITN CEO Rachel Corp spoke at the memorial. She said: “Sir David proved that ITN could not only compete with but also outperform better-resourced and more established rivals, embodying a can-do spirit that has become ingrained in the very ethos of our company.

“But most of all, it’s his steadfast dedication to impartiality and his integrity that continues to define ITN. Sir David ignited a spark at ITN, and it is our duty and privilege to make sure it continues to burn brightly.“