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ITN management sent this communication to the club.


Dear all, 

I know many of you will have spent today thinking about Harry Smith and his family, reflecting on memories and experiences we shared with such a great colleague and friend. 

It’s been hard for us all not to be together today to share our stories and support each other. A virtual hug just doesn’t cut it! 

It’s been heartening to read so many wonderful tributes across social media. With the consent of the family we have opened an online Book of Condolence which we will share with them.

You have to take a moment to register your details when you click on the link. You can upload photos and video as well. 

Please feel free to share with former colleagues. 

Here is the link.



Members do not need to be reminded that at the moment all future plans anywhere are on hold. 


Talking Pictures Channel


Club members may have come across this channel for movies of the past. Many may not know however that our President Alf Wilson is on it. Or rather his name is on it in the form of a screen credit. Just recently they aired the film Angels one five. Alf was  the dubbing editor responsible for all the sound work. He told me that on the dialogue scenes between actors he would like to have enhanced the background effects somewhat to add to the picture. However he was prevented from doing so by the technical producers were were ex RAF types  (Angels One Five is a film about the RAF in WW2 ) who maintained it had to be kept “real” .   Then he went on saying that one night later on Talking Pictures there was a film called The Upturned Glass being screened. This picture Alf started on but was transferred  to do another movie ,George in Civvy Street. This starred the legendary George Formby and was to be his last feature film.  The picture is Alf at his audio mixing console in deepest Dorset.


Just to underline the notice about monthly meetings they are of course cancelled until further notice.




























































































































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