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The first meeting of the Club was on 8 November 1989, when Margot Bateman, Jane Bray, Jim
Burnham, Diana Edwards-Jones, Audrey Gullick, John Lodge, Jo Redding,
Sara Seldon and Alfred Wilson, who was appointed Treasurer, met in
the Duke of Kendal at Marble Arch. Frank Miles, in hospital at the
time, was appointed Secretary, because he had a computer and could
take minutes of the meetings and distribute them.Frank,
as Secretary, produced Minutes of the Monday meetings, which in 1991
moved to the Crown and Sceptre because it had a larger room to
accommodate the growing membership, and distributed them to those who
had attended. In 1995 the Monday meetings moved to the King’s
Head, Westmoreland Street.
The first Newsletter appeared in May 1993 as an experiment – suggested
by Arthur Clifford – and was greeted enthusiastically by the
membership. Frank produced and posted these to members. Over time,
it grew from 2 sides of A4, to 4, then 6, stapled together. In June
1996, Frank realised that he had produced 50 of them, and started
numbering them. It was at this time that we changed to A3 folded,
and Pat Watson and Syd Stiller took over the distribution to an
ever-increasing membership – from the original 10 to around 200 in
less than 7 years. In June 1998 membership was 220.

The 8-page Newsletter grew into 12 and then 16 pages as the membership
went up to over 300, peaking at 360 in 2015.
In April 2013 the Newsletter was sent electronically to 22 people and
gradually more opted to receive it this way – in 2022 just over 130
get a colour version – but 180 black and white still go in the post
every time.
Frank produced 11 Newsletters every year until in February 2015 when he
retired and Sam Hall took over. Sam had to give up in 2017, and we
were grateful to Julian Wilkins who took over, and in 2021, Nigel
Dacre became the 4th editor, with Julian providing special articles